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HairBald is truly creative hair shaving experience. We strive to not only create precise cuts, and innovative hairstyles, but we will also be trying to create the most revealing makeovers. We will be attempting to also create scenario-based transformations that will inspire your imagination and fulfill your makeover entertainment needs.



Exotic Models, Scenario-Based Haircuts
Fully Exposing Transformations

We are here to create haircutting and shaving content in a way you won’t get anywhere else. We have the best equipment, our own barbershop, and a long list of models waiting for their turn to take a seat in our chair, tip their chin to the clippers, and watch their hair fall off their head, and land on their body.


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We offer three amazing options for memberships, to give you specifically the experience you are wanting to see, our Level 1 Membership gives you access to all the makeover content, and our Level 2 Membership gives you access to content early, as well as all the perks from the Level 1 Membership level, our Level 3 Membership gives you access to all the bonus content, as well as all other perks from the other memberships.

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